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Special Events

Adventure Camps


I write and create amazing one-of-a-kind adventures using life-sized scene setters and hands-on fun. Each day the children are immersed in the theme by following a simple format: craft, music, group activities, interactive learning lessons, and take-home parent page. Summer is no bummer when you're hanging out with Ms. Dez!


"Are you doing camp this summer? My kids ask me every week!"

Rebecca Phillips Rollins


MotivatMotivotivational Speaking Engagements

Motivational Speaking Engagements


Every engagement, every group, every time is different. The way I approach is always the same – make it relevant and share from the heart. So, what would you like to talk about? 


"You reminded me to focus on the praise and not the problems of being a mom. I've been using the timer and have seen a huge difference in my son's attitude and mine! The struggles of being a single mom are still there, but now I hit the reset button and breathe. Thanks for sharing from the heart. It helps knowing I am not alone." 

                                                                       Allie Styles, Brandon's mom

Family Fun Nights


These special family celebrations feature an interactive show highlighting lessons learned using the Play, Say & Practice™ Children's Character Curriculum. It's just good old fashioned fun, as together we get silly and build the bonds of friendship and family!


"Seriously, the best family fun ever!!!!"

Daniele Majer, Trevor & Melanie's mom

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