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           "Every Professional Development opportunity with Play, Say and Practice is a powerful learning experience with hands on activities that inspire our teachers to implement dynamic lessons. I highly recommend implementing this program in every school, everywhere! "

Vernita A. Jones-Martial, Principal of Trinity Christian School of Palm Beach Gardens.


For optimal results, we recommend our professional Play, Say & Practice™ staff prepare customized training for the individual needs of your program. We are committed to your success, and we will deliver an agreed upon training package as part of our partnership in this adoption. Here are a few options to consider.


Professional Learning Opportunities

Staff development workshops introduce Play, Say & Practice through interactive role-play, music & movement, engaging activities, discussion and reflection. Participants experience for themselves the positive effects of the play based action curriculum.


1/2 Day (3 Hours) Initial Training                 $ 595.00*

1/2 Day Coaching Visit                                $ 495.00*

Combo - Initial Training and Coaching Visit   $ 850.00*

Custom Packages*

Since each client has unique needs and various resources, Play, Say, Practice appreciates the opportunity to meet with client individually to development a package that best meets the needs of the administration, faculty and students. Please contact Ms. Dez by email to set-up an appointment. 

School Coaching
Model Teaching involves classroom visits that model and teach the Play, Say & Practice curriculum to teachers and their students. This would include introducing rituals, modeling language, and help with specific situations.

Teacher coaching is designed to assist teacher’s use of Play Based Curriculum in the classroom through an observation and feedback session. Additionally this option provides behavioral observation and planning for disciplining individual students.

Consultation consists of after-school meetings to enhance and reflect upon strategies modeled in the classroom, develop new strategies or behavioral plans that can be implemented with designated students.


"Whether it's a individual classroom, multi site support or all school training, workshops are customized to fit your specific needs. I guarantee every outing will include laughter, learning, and lots of hands-on ideas for each "teacher's toolbox."   Ms. Dez

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