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Parents love using this fun, hands on approach to teaching children valuable life lessons. The simple format: play using the colorful characters created,  say the simple script included for each lesson, and practice together, building confidence so they'll continue cultivating the behavior on their own. Through interactive play children begin the process of self awareness and observe the impact of choices they make. These are critical coping skills they'll need for a lifetime. The best part? The entire family is having fantastic fun!

Parent Curriculum - Storyboards sold separately

  • Summer time yahoo instead of boohoo! Pick, play and pretend one theme per week. Introduce a new character each day, following the selected sequence of stories, watch as they unfold and are retold with amazing results.  Fridays are fundays, put on a show for the entire family and celebrate what you've learned!  

    Five Things I Learned from a Pirate: You’ll be playing pirates, but they’ll be learning skills such as communication, listening, acceptance, teamwork, and following their conscience.

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye – Teasing Isn’t Nice! We battle dragons, unlock the key to self-confidence, protect ourselves against unkind words, and teach a knight without criticizing his efforts.   

    Bountiful Blessings: The Message? “Simply share, showing empathy toward others, as you count your many blessings.”

    Riot in the Rainforest: Making wise decisions, learning obedience, practicing integrity and asking permission are core values every child needs to practice.

    What’s Bugging You? Too often we rush past the beauty that surrounds us, missing out on simple lessons taught by the tiniest of creatures. Little bitty bugs great big lessons!

    Having Fun at the Beach: We run away from a cranky, complaining crab, as we learn self-control from the hip-hop grooviest octopus and watch one very foolish fish get into a lot of trouble.

    Superheroes Save the Planet: We explore the benefits of recycling, repurposing, and remaining committed to our planet all while battling the Evil Mrs. Messy. 

    Angry as a Dinosaur! As we entertain a baby dinosaur, we teach different ways of dealing with his angry feelings and ours.

    Down on the Farm: We have a rootin’ tootin’ good time around the campfire celebrating our accomplishments, as we continue to grow into thrifty, gracious, hard-working farmhands.

    Perfect craft and create activity for playdates. Not only will the neighborhood kids love spending time at your house, but they'll benefit from the valuable lessons learned.   

    Birthday Bash! Let your child pick their favorite theme and use the colorful creations to make the celebration spectacular! Whether it's dress up, puppet time fun, or all out adventure everyone will want to know how you did it! 

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