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The Superhero play along pack includes 3 engaging stories each with an easy to follow script, fun activity, and enchanting visuals for your entire family to get involved. This adventure teaches children they are part of a community and that even the tiniest of hands can impact the planet. Together you'll learn how to recycle, re purpose, and remain committed to the Earth's cause in order to defeat the evil Mrs. Messy. The sturdy place mat storyboard 11 x 18  includes reusable clings and is perfect for on the go adventures or table top discussion on what they've learned.

Superheroes Save the Planet

  • This Individual Kit includes:

    3 easy to use scripts teaching valuable lessons on recycling, repurposing, and replenishing Earth's resources. 

    3 coloring pages reinforcing character trait or life skill

    This kit comes with 4 bright colored masks, 1 black mask, Superhero emblem, and Superhero Pledge for countless hours of playing and practicing skills to save the planet.  

    Durable Storyboard 11" x 18" with 12 reusable clings

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