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                   The Play, Say & Practice Social Emotional Learning Curriculum 


 The easy to use SEL curriculum guides children through social situations, empowering them to act out feelings and concerns.  With the help of the characters you create together, children begin to recognize and modify their behavior. Carefully selected and sequenced learning experiences foster healthy social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth.


Our teaching method follows this uncomplicated format:

  • PLAY through characters, endearing visuals, music, and activities children love.

  • SAY a simple script that's included with every lesson guide.

  • PRACTICE the life lesson together, building their confidence and cultivating the behavior on their own. 

There are nine (9) interactive thematic units with a total of 33 SEL lessons.

  • Lessons provide multiple learning experiences   

  • Promote healthy social, emotional, and cognitive development

  • ​Activities promote physical development

  • ​Foster discovery and independent learning

  • ​Encourage higher-order thinking skills

  • ​Provide relevant experiences using colorful characters​

  • Opportunities for problem solving solutions with fear of embarrassment

  • Interactive Storyboards allow for hands-on reinforcement, classroom collaboration, personal reflection.



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